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Shuk HaTikva

The Hatikva Market Tour offers a unique and delicious experience that gives guests an insider's view of the vibrant Hatikva Market. The market, named after the neighborhood of Hatikva, was constructed in the late 1930s and underwent renovation in

During the tour, participants will convene at Beit Dani, where they will learn about the neighborhood and embark on a stroll down its streets toward the market.

The tour includes a sampling of a variety of local specialties such as delectable borekas, Yemeni pastries, hummus, and Persian faludeh, as well as a visit to the best roasting house in Hatikva. Guests will also have the opportunity to taste Iraqi sweets and cookies, enjoy some alcohol, and more.

Price: 200 ILS

Halva at Food Market

Shuk Levinsky

The Levinsky Market, which extends into several side streets, is a vibrant and colorful market known for its spices, herbs, nuts, traditional food, and more.

During the 1930s, Jews from Salonika, Greece, developed the city which is now called Florentine.

With the establishment of the state of Israel, there was an influx of Iranian immigrants to downtown Tel Aviv which brought new flavors and ingredients from Persian cuisine.

Our plan is to meet at Rothschild Avenue, the first coffee shop in Tel Aviv, where we will discuss the history of the city. From there, we will walk and see the streets and houses where it all started before heading to the Levinsky Market. There, we will enjoy famous burkas, traditional Persian food, Israeli boutique wine, cheeses, delicacies, rare nuts and more! 

Price: 200 ILS

Jaffa Flea Market tour, Shuk Hapishpeshim

Discover the old and trendy city of Jaffa. A port town dating back to biblical times.


In recent years, Jaffa has been attracting an increasing number of tourists as well as locals, as chef-owned restaurants stand alongside antique shops. It's an all-sensory destination with colors, tastes, smells, and stories to enhance your experience.


We will embark on a tour to discover the diverse flavors of the city, from East European and Balkan delicacies to North African cuisine and local variation of Hummus style and more, we'll also sample some Israeli wine and beer!


Every Friday from 10 am - 1 pm

Price: 200 ILS


Come and enjoy culinary excellence.

Old City Market
Busy Market

Shuk Hacarmel

The most famous market in Tel Aviv is Shuk Hacarmel.

The Carmel market tour reveals to you the test of the ages of Tel Aviv in the youthful atmosphere of the city's central market.


Taste some of the best middle eastern cuisines and soak in the atmosphere in Tel Aviv's open-air market, try special delicatessen unique to these markets, and hear authentic stories between the stalls.

Price: 200 ILS

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